Discover Acquisitions is a search entity seeking to find, acquire, and operate profitable small-medium sized or family-owned businesses in the United States.

Our Manifesto -

We act ethically and have the integrity, credibility, and trustworthiness to uphold our commitments

We are committed to acquiring high-quality businesses and have the ability to close quickly

◉ We are committed to sustaining the seller’s legacy and honoring their legal commitments

◉ We have the financial capability to invest our own capital and secure additional financing if required

◉ We have the relevant industry experience, expertise, and track-record to ensure success

◉ We have the leadership required to align the vision, culture, and values of the business we acquire

◉ We always extend the respect, curtsey, and kindness to employees, customers, and all stakeholders

◉ We are professional, responsive, and communicate effectively to the needs of all stakeholders

◉ We extend fair “win-win” terms and conditions to close transactions

◉ We generate and deliver superior returns for all stakeholders

◉ We are execution focused outcome driven self-starters with the ability to "get it done"


An investment model called the Search Fund leverages third-party funds, advisors, and investors to back motivated entrepreneurs to find and operate established businesses.  We utilize a self-funded Search Fund model - a variant of the Search Fund - to acquire established businesses and then operate them on a day-to-day basis as President/CEO.  A typical self-funded Search Fund model involves four key steps:


We seek to acquire businesses with some or all of the following characteristics:

◉ An established business with more than 3 years of operating history

◉ Operating in and with the majority of its customers in the U.S.

Enduringly profitable, i.e., a track record of consistent revenues & profitability

EBITDA in the range of $750K to $2M

◉ Industries - Software / Technology / Telecom  (Cybersecurity, Data Networking, Network Management & Monitoring, Information, Online), Healthcare, and Service (Digital Marketing Agencies) industries

◉ Evergreen industries not sensitive to economic cycles, or regulatory risks

Not in retail, restaurant, naughty, single vendor concentrated digital eCommerce (i.e., FBA or Shopify), or asset heavy industries

Ideally located in Texas, California, or the North East U.S.


Discover Acquisitions is fully committed to buying and operating an established business.  Over the last ~30 years we have demonstrated the leadership, business development, and operational edge to deliver innovation, profits, and growth.  We have the ability to commit the requisite capital for the right business quickly.  Our goal is to sustain the owners legacy, maintain, and grow the business in the long term.  We do so with:

Exemplary servant leadership

Obsessive focus on the customer

Operational excellence 

Astute financial management


Gautam Pardhy

(201) 805-6546